Bobybuilding articles from male vintage physique magazines

beautiful guys Why should you train with weights

Physical benefits of training with weights by Barton Horvath, one of the best physical consultant of his time.

beautiful guys The Principles of Power Training

A clear outline of the principles of power training, just follow the simple rules to add up to 50% to your power.

beautiful guys Muscular Size And Shape

First-rate training instruction to the bodybuilder for developing both large and shapely muscles, specially for calves.

beautiful guys The Power Of Thought

An article from vintage physique magazine with a criticism of logical positivism – how from motivation come to action.

beautiful guys Practical Psychology

How to build successful life – psychological advises for bodybuilders!

beautiful guys Muscle Man FAQ

Interesting questions and meaningful answers about bodybuilding from Muscle Man magazine.

beautiful guys Exercises for perpetual daily practice

8 exercises for life-long health and strength from the famous instructor Charles Atlas.

beautiful guys Hand Balancing

Instruction of the famous bodybuilder Chares Atlas to perform a perfect hand-stand within a month!

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