Hand Balancing

by Charles Atlas

beautiful vintage photo of muscular bodybuilder Steve
Steve Reeves, World's Greatest Body Builder and Physical Culturist. Photo by Warner from Fizeek magazine.

When one is learning a hand-stand it is necessary to have some sort of support in order to give the beginner confidence in himself. It is therefore advisable to begin by doing the handstand against the wall. Stay about two feet away from the wall. Put your hands flat on the floor, fingers spread apart, put all your weight forward and be sure to keep your elbows firm, and head up. Kick up with your feet resting them against the wall and arch your back. When you have held this position for a few seconds bring your feet away from the wall. The secret of the hand-stand is to keep your arms straight, your back arched and head up. Also keep the toes pointed legs together.

Follow the above instructions carefully and practice this everyday, I am confident you will be able to do a perfect hand-stand within a month. When practicing if you lose your balance fall to the side or to where you started from. Do NOT fall backwards as there may be a danger of hurting yourself.

When you are able to hold a perfect hand-stand for about ten seconds, try to dip down and up again. This is a marvelous exercise for both arms, shoulders and chest, also for the internal organs such as kidneys, stomach, etc. It relieves the strain on the muscles that hold the internal organs such as the stomach, bowels and liver. It is also very good for poor circulation.

When you become very sure of the two arm hand-stand so that you can stand on your hands as well as your feet you can try the one arm hand-stand. This is done by putting all your weight on one side holding the hand that is free out sidewards. The legs in the one arm hand-stand are spread apart so as to make balancing easier.

Do not be discouraged if you not successful the first few times you try these, but remember that perseverance is the key to success.

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