Bobybuilding articles from male vintage physique magazines

beautiful guys Developing the Forearms

Detailed description of forearms muscles and explanations on how to develop forearms with a set of useful exercises.

beautiful guys Why You Need To Exercise

Giving motivation to do bodybuilding exercises, giving 15 arguments that body training will greatly affect your health!

beautiful guys The Mighty Triceps

A very detailed and vast explanation of triceps muscles development with a number of simple bodybuilding exercises!

beautiful guys Strengthen Your Grip And Forearms

A simple course of exercises to train forearms and grip muscles from American Apollo magazine.

beautiful guys Your Complete Weight Gaining Course

Simple and precise instructions from Barton Hovarth, a weight training authority, on gaining weight using simple exercises.

beautiful guys Your Great Breathing Muscle

Learning the natural and healthy way to breath by strengthening your breathing muscles.

beautiful guys Waisting Away

Bodybuilding exercises for correcting the waistline – barometer of physical condition.

beautiful guys The Deep Knee – Bend

One of the most beneficial of all exercises that should be a part of every bodybuilder’s training.

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