Exercises for perpetual daily practice

by Charles Atlas

Dear Friend:

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To get the maximum benefits and most satisfactory results from my Course some of the exercises should be carried out faithfully all through life. You have developed the habit of exercising regularly and have noticed its splendid value. But now for Life-Long Health and Strength do the following exercises daily. They are what I believe you need most to keep you fit for LIFE.


For Chest, Shoulders and Back. Excellent for preventing Lung and Chest troubles. Do

For Chest, Shoulders and Back. Excellent for the “dipping” exercise as described in the first Lesson at least 100 times every day. Aim to do it 200 times daily if you are keen on getting a very big and powerful chest development. Do this by dipping 25 or more times, rest and relax a few moments and do them again. Rest and do them again. If you prefer, do 50 to 75 at night. I do 200 or more “dips” daily.


For the Abdomen. Ideal for preventing or reducing a large stomach, perfecting the digestive system, relieving constipation, preventing rupture and for the general toning up of the body. While lying on the bed clasp the hands back of the head and raise the upper body so that your chin touches your knees, keeping your feet flat on the bed. This is to be done 20 times. Rest awhile and repeat. Rest and relax and do them as many times as you possibly can.


A similar exercise except that you should bend your knees to touch the upper chest area. This should be done until you are thoroughly tired, then rest, and repeat several times. While doing this exercise open and cross the legs for variation.


For Thighs, Bow Legs, Knock Knees. Do the squatting exercise spreading apart the knees. Repeat at least 35 times or until tired. Rest awhile and go at them again. Do this exercise energetically. Rest and repeat as before, but this time keep the ankles close together. This will develop the muscles of the back of the thighs. Rest one of you hands on something for support if you find it difficult to balance. These exercises can be performed in the morning as soon as you get up.


Strengthening Internal Organs and Preventing Rupture. Clasp hands behind head while standing erect. Bend far to the right, come up and bend over to the left, keeping the legs straight and bending the upper trunk only. Repeat until you are tired but do not overdo. Rest and relax, then repeat, this time making a complete circular motion.


Developing Biceps, Triceps, Arms and Forearms. Grasp the right wrist with the left hand in front and bring the right hand towards the right shoulder, resisting powerfully with the left hand. Continue till the muscles really begin to ache. Then repeat with the other arm. Rest and do them again.


Strengthening your neck. Bend the neck far downwards, then far backwards. Now side to side, now in a complete circular motion. Rest and relax. Do the same exercises more powerfully by resisting strongly with the hands. These are very effective if done persistently.


Calves, Flat Feet, Fallen Arches and Strengthening weak ankles. Raise up and down on the toes 50 to 100 times. Do this preferable while standing on your toes on the edge of a block about three inches high with your heels overhanging. Another good exercise is to stand on the heels and rock back and forth first on the heels and then on the toes. Do this till really tired. Rest a few minutes and repeat as before.

These exercises can be performed at night, just before getting into bed. Some of them, however, can be done at odd moments during the day. When out walking make a practice of stretching the entire legs and calves to the full limit. Be sure and raise up your toes as you walk along. By keeping this up for a distance equal to about ten blocks you will soon have a fine pair of well-shaped legs. These exercises may seem to you quite a long routine to practice daily for the balance of your life. But thousands upon thousands of men are doing them daily, and very busy men, too, so do not say you haven’t time. You will find when you divide the exercise, doing half in the morning and the other half at night it takes only a few minutes.

In closing, I want to say to you that I have enjoyed sending you these Lessons for I know you must be Stronger, Healthier, more Muscular and full of Pep and Energy. It has been a pleasure to help you. Men and women like you will live longer and enjoy life more.

I hope you will induce your friends to enroll with me, so that I can help them, too. Just send me their names and addresses.

Although this Lesson completes my Course, I want you to feel at liberty to write me at any time if ever you have questions or comments.

With my very best wishes and warm hand clasp, I remain,

Your Sincere Friend and Instructor,

Charles Atlas

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