American Physique Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers from American Physique Volume 1 № 1


male vintage physique photography1. Ques. Does a man have to keep on training for the rest of his life to keep his physique ?

Answer — Not necessarily, meaning that a man does not have to follow a routine as strict as the one he was following, to build up his physique. But I do recommend at least one exercise for each part of the body at least once or twice a week about 10 times each exercise to keep body in shape.

2. Ques. How long must a man train before he has a good enough physique to enter contests or take physique shots for magazines ?

Answer – The first year of your training is the foundation of the physique. From then on each individual will improve in a different manner; some will make terrific gains in the next 6 months, some in the next year. If you or anyone else has at least 3 to 5 years of good, earnest training, then it would be to your advantage to enter a contest and can rate quite high. As for physique shots in magazines you can send them in at any time since we use case histories of beginners and their improvements.

3. Ques. I have been training to loose weight around the mid-section but instead I got a heavier appetite and I keep on gaining weight. What do you suggest I should do ?

Answer — I suggest that if you have an increase on your appetite don’t be afraid to eat. “But” do not eat to much starches, sweets or ice cream, that’s what puts on weight. In your training routine try a higher amount of movements and also try doing some abdominal raises and leg raises before going to bed at night and if possible in the morning also.

4. Ques. I am a slim fellow, I have been training for one year with light weights. And all I have to show for it is slim muscularity. What can I do to gain some bulk?

Answer — In my opinion, I find that you have already built the foundation of your physique even though you did not train correctly for bulk. In the next year try a lower amount of repetitions about 10 and heavier weights for bulk.

5. Ques. How does a man go about becoming a weight-lifter or body builder ?

Answer — If the man does not have a set of weights he should try and get himself a set since he can receive Instructions on Bodybuilding or Weightlifting which explain how to start off in these sports. Or there are Y.M.C.A.’-s and many Gymnasiums which have instructors and weights. If at anytime some problems should arise there are always consulting editors from physique and lifting magazines who will be willing to help if possible.

6. Ques. Can a person get ruptured from lifting weights ?

Answer – Yes, if the person tries to lift more than he can handle. And also if the weight is not lifted properly.

7. Ques. Who was Mr. America of 1943 ?

Answer — Jules Bacon, who has a wonderful physique until this day.

8. Ques. How can I increase extra poundages on my lifts ?

Answer — Try less repetitions with more weights until you reach the amount of repetitions you were doing in your training. Then start over again.

9. Ques. I do heavy work during the day. When I come home at night I’m very tired and can not get enough energy to take a workout. Is there a program a fellow in my position can follow ?

Answer — If you try lying down and relaxing for about one hour then take some honey (about 1 tablespoon); this will give you quick energy. Also to rest a little longer between exercises might be helpful.

10. Ques. Can you straighten me out on the difference between the Biceps Femorus and the Biceps ?

Answer — The Biceps Femorus is the back of the upper leg which controls the bending of the lower leg while the Biceps is the upper arm which controls the bending of the lower arm.

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American Physique vol. 1 № 1, 1957.

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