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Vintage bodybuilders Ross, Schaefer and Delinger
Vintage bodybuilders Ross, Schaefer and Delinger

Q: I perform the bent arm pullover with a shoulder width grip and am troubled with binding at the shoulder joint. What causes this and how can I correct it?

A: Use a closer grip. Some bodybuilders are troubled with stiff or inflexible shoulder joints. A wide grip cannot be used in the bent arm pullover. A close grip can. You will obtain just as much benefit either way.

Q: If a bodybuilder poses for an exercise routine which appears in a magazine, does this make him a professional?

A: Not unless the article appears under his name. If he merely serves as the model and the article is written by someone else he remains an amateur.

Q: Which is better for increasing the size of the chest – the pullover or the bench press?

A: Both exercises should be performed for maximum chest size. The bench press develops the muscles of the chest. The pullover increases the size of the chest cage, or rib box. The champions of chest development practice both movements.

Q: Is it possible to obtain maximum leg size and power without the squats ?

A: No! Straddles, the leg press, the ‘hack” exercise and iron boot work DO NOT produce the same degree of power and size squats. However, you do not need to practice the squats every work out. Perform them once or twice a week and on other days you can employ a different leg exercise if you like variety.

Q: Which is constructed stronger: a ‘high 1 biceps, or a round, baseball type biceps?

A: The round, baseball type biceps is constructed of denser, stronger fibers. The high biceps looks more impressive in photographs but is not as strong.

Q: Is there any way that the potential of a beginner can be predetermined?

A: No – and that is one of the most fascinating phases of bodybuilding. The thinnest, most unlikely looking beginner may end up as the celebrated champion while the naturally husky beginner may never make the grade. Success is as much a condition of the mind as physical. Maintain a confident attitude and follow a good course of instructions and you will obtain maximum benefit.

Q: Is it true that Russian athletes use weights for conditioning for ALL sports?

A: According to an article that appeared in Sports Illustrated some time back, even women athletes use weights in Russia. This is undoubtedly one of the big secrets of Russia’s athletic success. More and more American coaches are advocating the use of weights, but still not enough. America will regain world wide athletic supremecy only when ALL athletes train with weights.

Q: Is there an ideal hour for training:—a time when energy is highest?

A: Yes. Research has proved that the average person possesses maximum physical energy in the mid-after-noon. Therefore, if you have a choice, training about 3 PM is ideal. However, the body adjusts its energy level according to physical habit. If you select ANY hour and train regularly at that time, in a few weeks your energy level will be highest then. If you jump around and train at a different hour each work out, you will NEVER build a peak energy level for training. The real key is to select a certain time for training and to STICK to that time.

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