Health Hints For Bodybuilders

Health Hints

by Dr Frederick Tilney

Famous bodybuilder Jim Stryker by Champion studio
Jim Stryker by Champion Studio

Here’s the proven, effective, natural way to avoid having any “colds”, coughs catarrh, bronchitis and these so called “winter time” ailments which handicap millions of folks this season of the year. Understand, first of all, none of these annoying conditions are caused by “germs”. And realize this, you are not helping yourself by taking any “cough syrups”, lozenges, serums or medicines for these troubles, nor will nasal sprays be of any real practical value. You have surely tried these things before and discovered for yourself that they don’t work.

I’ve said so often and repeat again., you must tackle these troubles at the source. Its the wrong foods, plus a serious food mineral .deficiency which brings on these colds, coughs etc. Briefly, “colds” and allied ailments are nothing but an accumulation of mucus or phlegm working out of the system, through the nose or month. Germs do not cause mucus. Mucus-forming foods create it, and when there is an excess, it has to be expelled and the cold weather plus the wearing of heavy clothing, living in unnaturally heated buildings drives this mucus out — which you experience in the form of a “cold” cough, catarrh, bronchitis etc — and if seriously neglected develops into pneumonia, pleurisy and finally because the system is so congested with mucus, death is the result.

The logical thing to do is to stop eating these mucus-forming foods. The average person has the idea that because the weather Is cold they must eat more “energy-giving”, “heat – forming” foods and so they use more fats, grease, starches and sugar, cow-milk, syrups — but unfortunately these are all mucus forming and CAUSE the “colds”.

Millions of mothers wonder why their children have the sniffles, whooping cough, runny noses, tonsil trouble, adenoids. so irritable by being all “plugged up”…..this comes from giving porridge (or oatmeal) with sugar milk or cream. The combination MAKES mucus or “colds”. Leave the breakfast cereals alone which are made from white rice (whether dry or cooked cereals, it makes no difference). Avoid them. They are NOT “nutritious” foods at all.

My practical suggestion is to AVOID eating all products made WITH white flour, white rice, ordinary oatmeal, white sugar, white salt, egg “whites”, all fried fatty, greasy foods and an excess of cow’s milk in its various forms. They are all food-mineral deficient and the CAUSE OF ALL THE TROUBLE. Don’t eat them and you will avoid “colds”.

In many homes, these items often form much of the bulk of the foods eaten, no wonder they are continually suffering. Stop the cause at its source. Any treatment you take is almost valueless UNLESS you ALSO stop eating these products which CAUSE the trouble. You do not “catch” colds from anybody, or from others in your family. You merely ate an excess of mucus forming foods, which has to come out. and does so. in the form of mucus from i he nose or throat.

If you want your “heating” and energy-giving” foods use those which do not CREATE mucus. Try using dates. black mission figs, raisins with raw nuts well chewed (which are natural lats). Use honey, moderately in place of white sugar Use fresh or unsweetened canned juices in place of so much cow-milk which has been greatly over-rated. Goat Milk (capsules) should be used generously as this is not mucus forming, are richer in all vitamins and food minerals than cow milk. When cereals are craved, use the whole wheat only. Go to your “Feed Store” and buy 10 lbs of wheat kernels. Wash what you need for a meal and then let soak in water overnight, eat with raisins and little honey. Its simple, nourishing, delicious, good; saves a lot of cooking. Victims of colds, coughs, catarrh are seriously deficient in the Food Minerals Phosphorous, Iron, Silicon, Chlorin. These are easily obtainable in capsule form, prepared solely from various powdered vegetables. Try them. Thousands of folks have proven the value of these suggestions.

Your Physique, Volume 3 № 1, Mar 1943

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