Art And Form

Art and Form is designed for art lovers, artists, sculptors, and all others who admire the intrinsic beauty of the human form. We sincerely hope that this presentation of a selection of the best in classic and modern art related to the human form (and we consider photography an art) will serve as both a source of pleasure and satisfaction to our readers as well as an inspiration to strive for higher goals in their daily approach to the problems of life.

Printed in a convenient and durable form on high-quality paper, the magazine will constantly strive to bring before the eyes of the reading public the works of outstanding artists of the brush and camera.

The relative artistic sterility made necessary by an increasingly efficient and businesslike society presents a genuine challenge to the artist and art lover. It is in response to this challenge that we are publishing Art and Form. If through our efforts we can extend the horizon of understanding of and appreciation for the human form only a little, then our basic purpose will be achieved. Welcome to an experience which was the flower of the Renaissance and the glory of Greece and Rome!

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