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vintage bodybuilding magazine of 1944
Tony Sansone for Your Physique, 1944


“YOUR PHYSIQUE” is really much more than a magazine advocating muscular exercise. It teaches and advocates all that is best for the complete development of the entire personality. The average magazines are soon thrown away after a superficial reading, but most folks KEEP their copies of “YOUR PHYSIQUE” permanently, because they realize each issue is like a private Correspondence Course teaching the Science of Healthy, Happy, Superior LIVING. Once readers start getting “YOUR PHYSIQUE” they won’t miss an issue thereafter. It becomes a vital part of their lives, and they look forward to each new copy with the keenest anticipation and enthusiasm. Thousands of men and women arc getting definite benefits from “YOUR PHYSIQUE” which they are eager to put to use, to personally APPLY in their own lives, and make the instruction WORK for them.

If you went to a local doctor regarding some ailment he would charge you a few dollars for a ‘prescription’- which you would have your druggist make up for you, and pay him for it, too. And what have you gotten to REALLY BUILD YOUR HEALTH? Usually, practically nothing. On the other hand, for a mere $2 bill you get HUNDREDS of new ideas, practical instruction, valuable health facts, guides to a happier and more satisfying life from the world’s best Health Educators — for an entire year. Here’s a REAL service no local doctor could ever give you, and certainly not for $2! As it has been so often stated, you can’t ‘buy’ health in a bottle, it’s a condition you have to personally earn yourself. No one can ‘give’ it to you.

Promise yourself that you are not merely going to ‘read’ this magazine, but going to really FOLLOW its teachings, and make these teachings bring definite personal benefits into your life. Why merely admire what has been accomplished for the OTHER fellow who APPLIED these Principles, when with a little effort YOU can enjoy marvelous results yourself.

Forget the mistakes of the past. And don’t assume the attitude that you are beyond help, that it’s too late for you to start following these methods now. It isn’t too late if you begin NOW. Just because you were in a physical or mental rut is no indication you have to remain there permanently. Just make up your mind NOW it’s time for a change — a change for the better. WHY should the other fellows enjoy the Good Things of Life and not you? The only reason is because you have failed to EXERT YOURSELF. This involves first a MENTAL effort, a WILLED DETERMINATION, the GRIT to DO SOMETHING NOW to improve your condition.

“YOUR PHYSIQUE” is a Guide, a Practical Instruction Manual for those who are sincerely interested in ADVANCING themselves, for ambitious men and women. All the contributions are given for the purpose of instructing, enlightening, inspiring, encouraging and stimulating you to give YOURSELF BETTER CARE. We show you how others did it, and tell explicity how you can do it, and why you should.

During the coming months see how much you can make “YOUR PHYSIQUE” help you, MAKE it bring you rich dividends, and get all the value out of it possible. Re-read the articles and features and stories several times over where you are alone and undisturbed and say to yourself ‘What can I get from this and utilize to my advantage?’ If you study each article—yes, and the advertisements, too — with this thought consciously in mind you will get values from them worth thousands of dollars. Each sparkling issue is like a ‘mine’ that has to be worked. It is full of ‘gold nuggets’, but you must dig them out.

Many fellows write saying they keep a big scrap book and under various headings cut out from an extra copy of the magazine, features which particularly appeal to them, then they keep a notebook with an index page so they can quickly tell where any subject is in their scrap book for speedy reference. They keep together all the articles on diet; those on exercise; the health hints; the questions and answers; the subjects on applied psychology; they keep the ‘success stories’ together — and so on. This idea which a number of others are using may prove a very fascinating and profitable hobby for you. Try this, or get your wife or elder youngsters doing it. Some fellows get their sweethearts doing it, as a means of arousing their interest in this modern form or more efficient and satisfying living. Then, when you hear of anyone in your community who is not well, or who could be specially benefitted by some of the subjects, let them read up on the facts from your scrapbook and thus benefit by expert counsel. It will give you a real thrill in knowing you had at your command just the beneficial information to help some sick or discouraged friend, or to help convince them of the statements you may make.

Possibly some of the instruction you may already know. So what? Then pass it on to others who you believe also ought to know it. Don’t keep it to yourself — pass it on. Get a little group of young folks started and teach them what you have learned. There are millions of folks who need to know the things we advocate, do your part and help enlighten those in your vicinity, and stir them into ACTION, make your enthusiasm for our Better Way of Life contagious. “HEALTH” is ‘catching’ — and far more enjoyable than ‘catching’ the measles or typhoid or some ‘social’ disease.



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