Your Physique Volume 3 N 2

vintage bodybuilding magazine
Al Mentz and Howard Eastman


It won’t lie long and all the lovely countryside will be bursting with new life; plants and shrubs and leaves and flowers will soon be coming up to bring new beauty everywhere. Somehow I always associate this season as the time it makes you want to be bursting with strength and power, getting in shape for the summer. It gives you a thrill of genuine pride to be able to appear on the beaches and the swimming pools as the owner of a magnificent, well-muscled physique. Rut of course, yon can’t wait till summer to acquire that NEW and BETTER Body. If you want to be bursting with muscles and strength then, you must start getting in training NOW.

In the glorious summer time you see the landscape in its full glory, but it took months of preparation for the work of Nature to accomplish this — and it will take a few months for you to achieve the full glory of splendid MANHOOD. Instead of waiting, delaying any longer why not resolve that TODAY you arc going to remold and build up YOUR Physique? Build it into a virile, dynamic, powerful, MUSCULAR body you’ll be proud of!

The New World Civilization has no room for weaklings. This is the Age for Strength, for Power, for MAGNIFICENT Manhood and BEAUTIFUL Womanhood. Weaklings, skinnies and physical runts are definitely out. The world demands the streamlined, healthy, husky, well muscled type of man. And that’s the kind we build. We are right in step with the times and we want you to be.

Of course you can’t get this way “fanning the air”. To build up a mighty chest, a broad buck, husky shoulders, a trim waist line, powerful thighs and legs with a LION’S POWER requires the consistent use of progressive apparatus. To help you get the maximum results in the minimum of time and effort we make it possible for you to be able to get the necessary equipment you have to have to build the kind of muscles and physique you long for.

Every reader of “YOUR PHYSIQUE” should own a set of barbells, dumbel!s and cables. You need all three; and as you are able, equip your borne gymnasium with them. It makes little difference what you start training with first, the main thing is — to START your training NOW.

We are doing a grand job, an IMPORTANT job of “teaching people HOW TO LIVE” This is information and instruction the public has been waiting for and now that it’s available within these pages of “YOUR PHYSIQUE” they are eagerly taking advantage of it. It is with a feeling of deep satisfaction in knowing our magazine is being so enthusiastically welcomed in the United States as well as throughout the length and breath of the Dominion of Canada. Its success is spreading like a great prairie fire because there is a crying need for a publication of this kind. Rut there are millions more folks who urgently need the knowledge we have ready to bring them and I want you to accept this as a. personal invitation from me to introduce this magazine to others. Tell them of the help, the inspiration, the instruction you have derived from its pages. Let them share the benefits “YOUR PHYSIQUE” has brought to you. Do all you can to pass on the word. I’m sure I can count on my loyal readers — each and every one of you — to urge your friends, your acquaintances, associates with whom you work, and particularly to sick and ailing folks to become readers and subscribers to this magazine. If you’ll agree to do this, we of the Editorial Staff will do our part, too, and bring you the finest, the best HEALTH AND PHYSICAL CULTURE magazine in the world today. Yey, frankly, we need your help and you in turn, need ours. It is this friendly, helpful spirit of mutual co-operation by which we all benefit.

The boys in the armed forces are especially keen to get their copies, and as some of them write, they “devour them from cover to cover”. Help make these boys feel you have a personal interest in their welfare by getting an extra copy or two of “YOUR PHYSIQUE” and send it to them now. Encourage your newsdealer to display our magazine out in front where everyone can easily see it. For remember this, with increase of sickness during wartime, with the shortage of doctors in civilian areas it is more than ever necessary every family learns how to take care of their own health. Our Staff of Health Educators bring the vital facts of healthy, happy living in a simple, clear manner everyone can easily grasp and understand.

Thank you for your whole-hearted support.

Joseph E. Weider.


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