The Continentals 4

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volume four


The Camera Art of Europe’s Great Physique Photographers

Life is a constant search for one thing or another. When our search for food, clothing and the other necessities of life are complete we allow ourselves the luxury of indulgence. Then the search starts over once more as we try to satisfy our desires for the rare, the beautiful, the exotic, the appealing to the physical sense of the optical or aural nature in man. It once again is the pleasure of your editor and publishers to welcome our readers to the fruits of our latest search in the realm of the artistic efforts of great photographers to perpetuate through the magic of their cameras the beauty and magnificence that man has found in the human form. With this, then, as our theme we welcome you to the latest volume of THE CONTINENTALS, and may the joy of the beholder rest in all your eyes.

The Publishers.

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