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As our name BODY CULTURE implies, this magazine is devoted to the development of the human physique, internally as well as externally. Although not a competitive lifter’s journal, we will publish notes and news regularly regarding weight-lifters and weight-lifting and suggest that would-be and established competition lifters would benefit tremendously through reading, digesting and practising methods of instruction advocated by BODY CULTURE  (from editorual of v.1 № 2).

Body Culture volume 1, № 2, September 1949.

Muscular Size And Shape – The Author gives first-rate training instruction invaluable to the bodybuilder experiencing difficulty in developing both large and shapely muscles. The exercises for calves are of special value.

Physical culture in Norway – RUDOLF NESS is Norway’s most prominent advocate of the weight-training way of life, and author of the internationally famous book, “Kruppskultur”.

Body Culture volume 1, № 10, August 1950.

Especially for the Ladies

Practical Psychology – how to overcame worries and negative attitude towards  life, psychology for bodybuilders.

Body Culture volume 2, № 1, December 1950

The Power of Thought – how to get from motivation to the action, don’t just rest in your imagination about what you are going to do.

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