American Apollo 1-4


Vol. I                                                                      №4

A “Physique Press” Publication

Owing to that old cliche, “circumstances beyond our control, ” the 3rd issue of A.A. was horribly fated. So please do not request it, when ordering any back numbers. Numbers One and Two though are still available in limited quantity.

The welcome news is that A.A. will now be on a regular quarterly schedule and is one of a family of twelve outstanding and individually different publications in the physique-and-health field.. The titles in the Physique Press group:

American Apollo; Samson; Physiques Speak; Manhattan Man; Trojan; Olympians; Thor; Young Man; Goliath; Jason; The Argonauts;’ Gladiator.

Being that Physique Press will be dedicated to bringing something entirely new and refreshing into the physique and health field, readers will learn that each of our titles is individual by itself. Whether it’s humor or something on the more serious side, or an occasional blending of various ingredients (as in this issue of A.A.), there is something for everyone!

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